Amanda Liguori

Sales Agent

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About Amanda Liguori

Amanda graduated from Lewiston High School in 1994. She worked in banking for 11 years with customers in all sorts of different areas, from opening accounts to helping them finance their homes. She then opened and managed her own daycare for 10 years. 

After adopting 5 children she decided to stay home and homeschool them through the pandemic.  Now that life is getting back to business as normally as possible Amanda decided she wanted to be back in the real estate world, just on a different end. Amanda chose real estate because she loves to help people and what better way to help people then help them buy a home, sell their house, find the perfect land, or purchase a wonderful vacation home!

Amanda has learned that through life and the many changes we face we need people that will help us and take some of the stress and worry off our shoulders. She can understand where people are coming from and help them with their needs. She's not afraid to ask the questions.  Amanda’s focus for her clients will be helping them to achieve their goals.  To help them understand what the market is doing and guide them through the process.  

In her downtime Amanda loves four wheeling, boating and camping. She also holds a massage therapy license and enjoys helping people feel better. Amanda currently lives in Litchfield and is enjoying a full house!